how do you keep your feet on the ground..

when you know that you were born to fly

- cayce
1 August
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hey, it's cayce! :] my journal is MOSTLY friends only so if you want to read it, just leave a comment in my journal + i'll add you back! <3 pleasepleaseplease don't just add me without leaving a comment, i don't check my userinfo to see who has added me or anything, alright? :]

about me ;

- i'm 19 - ALMOST 20! [less than 3 more months..]
- i am was a varsity cheerleader @ GFHS. i want to CHEER @ mason, but i don't know if i have the time - it would be awesome though.
- last year/freshman year i went to school @ VIRGINIA TECH in blacksburg, virginia!
- this year i transfered to GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY. i love it so much more than tech. i hate blacksburg. the mountains & cold are horrible. i don't see how people like it there.
- i lifeguard at my neighborhood pool [AQUIA HARBOUR!] in the summer! =)
- i also work for GMU @ the Freedom Center [the gym!] as a registration specialist, a gymnastics instructor, AND i teach cheerleading classes for little girls.
- i am also a camp counselor @ the freedom center in the summer.
- YES, i work A LOT.
- i drive a black civic, & it's STICK! =) yes, i'm proud of that because most girls do not know how.
- i have dirrrty blonde hair & i'm a BLUE eyed girl ;]
- i'm moving to FLORIDA or hawaii after college, actually - anywhere SOUTH of south carolina would be good enough for me. i'm a SOUTHERN girl at heart <3
- pink and TEAL are my favorite colors. POLKA DOTS are my favorite!
- FRAWG slurpies, coca-cola, and LAFFY TAFFY MANGO MELON slurpies rock my socks. i have one almost every day! =)
- i love wearing skirts.
- i love the beach and pools. any water makes me happppy! =)
- i could not live without CHAPSTICK. i'm obsessed.
- the only thing i HATE is when people talk about me about shit they think they know, but really don't. it drives me nuts. i'm no longer in highschool, yet it seems like everyone else still talks shit like we are. GROW UP.
- 8TH & OCEAN is my favorite show ever, BRIT is beeaauuutiful & i love her. =) sabrina too. kelly's a bitch. =)
- if you want to know anything else just ask <3

[iloveyou] .. forever.